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Sounds For Sleep (Digital)


    Yoto Says: A great card to incorporate into your child’s bedtime routine, with calming sound effects to summon the sandman.
    Digital Card: Get instant access in the Yoto App when you buy this digital card. Play it anywhere using the app or link it to a  Make Your Own Card for your kids to enjoy whenever they like. Looking for the physical Yoto Card? Find it [here](https://ca.yotoplay.com/products/sounds-for-sleep "Sounds for Sleep").

    A collection a soothing sounds to help you fall asleep.
    We are by the sea, and can hear the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore and the clink of boats bobbing about on the water. In the jungle, all is at peace for now; the frogs croak gently and the crickets play their chorus.

    As well as sounds of nature, there is a collection of melodic musical arrangements that will soothe and relax, as well as some of the quirkier ways to help bring sleep such as white noise, pink noise, and the gentle hum of a distant vacuum cleaner!

    Sweet dreams!

    Sound Effects on Yoto

    Bringing a little piece of nature into your home, these sound effects are great for feeding young imaginations. As well as the sounds you hear, your Yoto Player comes alive with accompanying images to enhance the experience.
    Track listing:

    1. Lake
    2. Lakeside Oasis
    3. Rural France
    4. Thundery Rain
    5. Devon Hedgerow
    6. Light Rain in Woodland
    7. White Noise
    8. Pink Noise
    9. Brown Noise 10. Vacuum Cleaner 11. Noisy Fan 12. Binaural Beats 13. Soundscape Underscores

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