The Yoto App

A world of audio even without a player!

As well as the home for managing and customising your player, our app is also a gateway to all the great audio we have to offer...

Your whole library in your pocket

The Library is where all your cards live. Any new cards you buy are instantly added in here and you can even scan new cards directly into the app too.

Lost but easily found

Lost a card? No problem, you can still find it in the Library and beam it to any player or bluetooth speaker. Or just relink it to one of our blank Make Your Own cards for your kids to play again and again on their own.

Play from the app for even more options

Want to speed up the audio on a podcast? No problem! Want to jump forwards in a track? We’ve got you covered. Controlling your player from the app opens up more possibilities, and we’re adding new features all the time!

An audio free-for-all

The app isn’t just about keeping the cards you’ve bought all together, there’s a wide variety of free audio to explore too.

You can even make your own cards

Get Gran to record a bedtime story, make a great music mix or capture your own singalongs and share them with your friends and family

Record everything right in the app

Our built in recorder keeps things simple, so you can just hit the record button and then share your creations digitally or link it to one of our Make Your Own Cards in seconds.

More on Make Your Own

Build better bedtimes

Here’s where the app really shines. We have a wealth of great features to help give you and your young ones the best night’s sleep possible.

  • Change the player’s clock and night light when it’s time for bed

  • Play some free sleepy audio from your library

  • Set a timer to turn off their player after they fall asleep

  • Choose a fun wake alarm so they know when to get up!

Hands off, but in control

The app is your hub for personalising everything. Customise their night-light, set some limits and keep control of your child’s player behind the scenes

  • Setup and add your players to your account
  • Set times for your player’s day and night clock
  • Choose colours for your Player’s night light
  • Apply volume limits for your child’s player and headphones
  • Customise what the buttons on your player do
  • Check which cards are downloaded on your player

Bring the family together!

Set up a family account and add as many players and family members to it as you like. Then you can all buy, create and share the same cards between you.

The Yoto App

Available now on all iOS and Android devices.