Songs From The Playground. Jazzy Ash

Songs From The Playground


    Yoto Says: The world is a playground, and music is the key. There's endless fun for everyone with these fresh takes on schoolyard classics! 
    Jazzy Ash is a celebrated vocalist, writer, arts educator, and founder of Leaping Lizards Music, a music and theater education program for students, preschool through twelfth grade.

    In this card, Jazzy Ash is reimagining African American folk songs written and sung by children in playgrounds over the last 100-200 years. Joined by her pianist, she is creating a unique jazz-inflected take on these tunes and creating something that is old, yet new, universal yet unique.

    Track Listing: 
    1.   Yoto Intro
    2.   Fly Through My Window 
    3.   Oats and Beans 
    4.   Pizza Pizza Daddy-O 
    5.   Head and Shoulders
    6.   Green Grass Grows 
    7.   Mister Rabbit 
    8.   Bought Me a Cat
    9.   Down, Down Baby
    10. My Mama’s Calling Me 
    11. Old Lady Sally 
    12. C-Line Woman
    13. Little Johnny Brown 
    14. Love Somebody

    1. Yoto Outro

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