Easy Breezy. Caspar Babypants

Easy Breezy


    Yoto says: The final album ever from kids' music legend Caspar - full of sunny, funny feelgood tunes to sing and dance along to.

    Ready to get your groove on? Easy Breezy! is the 19th and final album from kids’ music legend Caspar Babypants. Filled to the brim with 20 of his trademark quirky, upbeat and positive tunes, this catchy collection of songs is sure to be a hit for kids and parents alike.

    Track list:
    1. Babies All over the World
    2. I Am a Loose Balloon
    3. Sunny Summer Sun
    4. Old Cookie
    5. Supersonic Motorcycles
    6. Awesome Blossom
    7. Spooky Baby
    8. Toy Boat
    9. Put This Monkey to Bed
    10. Invisible Lizard
    11. Love You More
    12. What If?
    13. Two is One More Than One
    14. Sour Sweetheart
    15. Weird Weird Dream
    16. Car with the Lights Left On
    17. The Ballad of the Babypants
    18. Caterpillar Jazz
    19. When I Was Little
    20. Snowy Blanket

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