Yoto Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

More diverse content

At Yoto, we celebrate diversity. As we grow, we are working hard on helping families foster an inclusive environment through the content in our library.

We’re working with our partners to licence more great kids’ audio by creators from diverse backgrounds, and which feature diverse characters, stories and perspectives. You will see more content like this launching in 2023.

Following your feedback, we are especially excited to add more content from creators who identify as coming from an underrepresented group, titles that include themes dealing with diversity and inclusion, together with different representations of a variety of families. We are an audio company and we believe that diversity should be represented in narration too! And where this content isn’t available from our publishing partners, we’ll be looking to develop it ourselves as part of our Yoto Originals range.

If you want to build a diverse Card collection for your child, click here to see a few recommendations.

If you have suggestions of kids’ audiobooks, music or podcasts which you’d like to hear on Yoto, please let us know. We’re always open to suggestions from our community!

Yoto Team

In addition to our content library, we are working hard to continue to build a culturally, socially and ethnically diverse workforce that represents the beautiful diversity of our customers. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive work environment promotes innovation, leads to better decision-making and will continue to help us provide even more diverse content.

We welcome everyone, and we highly value and celebrate the perspective of new voices, beliefs and perspectives to our team. We have a passionate and engaged D&I group - which is sponsored by a member of the Yoto Executive Team - and we are always working to introduce ways of working that foster a positive and purposeful environment where everyone feels listened to.

Our flexible ‘choice-based’ approach to work means everyone can be in control of the day-to-day decisions on where and when they work, which means everyone can create a setup that works for them and one in which they can thrive. This means we can easily accommodate any special requirements or needs of individuals to ensure no one is excluded.

We are evolving our recruitment processes to help us actively seek and attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and communities. We do not insist on minimum education qualifications (unless a specific role requires it) - prioritising experience, passion and attitude instead, our job descriptions are reviewed to remove language that may be subtly ‘gender coded’ and, wherever possible, we conduct panel interviews (with a minimum of two interviewers) to eliminate any risk of bias. Finally, we commit to paying London Real Living Wage rates - regardless of where someone is based in the UK - and we extend this out to the equivalent standards amongst our international teams.

Everyone at Yoto is expected to endeavour to create an atmosphere of equality within the Company. We have a zero tolerance approach to any allegations and together we are working hard to foster a safe, speaking up culture where everyone should be heard with no judgement.

Feel like you have something to contribute and that Yoto would be an environment where you could thrive? Check out our Careers page, and get in touch.

Mental Health

At Yoto, we are working to create a safe space that is free of stigma, and open about mental health issues. We have trained mental health first aiders, and opportunities to keep learning and talking about mental health.

What’s next?

An environment of diversity and inclusiveness is not built in a day. Today, we are working hard on laying the solid foundations upon which we will continue to improve our D&I work over time. We will keep listening. And learning.