Audio Recording Notice

Last updated June 2022 If you allow your child under the age of 13 to record an audio recording, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) may apply. If you allow your child to record an audio recording, you consent to Yoto collecting personal information contained in the audio recording and to storing such information on Yoto’s systems. This will include the audio recording and whatever your child says on that audio recording. Yoto does not collect personal information from children and therefore any personal information we have related to your child is what you provide to us, such as when you name a playlist with your child’s name, request a Birthday Shout Out for your child, or allow your child to record audio using the MYO feature of the Yoto mobile application. Any sharing of the audio recordings is up to you. Yoto does not share the audio recordings with third parties. If you want to delete your MYO audio recordings, please click here for instructions. For any other type of audio recordings please email us at

By continuing to submit your audio via this website you agree and consent to the above.