Welcome to Yoto Club!
Welcome to Yoto Club!

Welcome to Yoto Club!

Below you'll find step by step instructions on how to use your Yoto Club Credits.

Don't forget - there are no 'card selection' times. Choose today, tomorrow, right at the end of the month, or simply let them build up if there is nothing you would like to pick this month. You can now accrue Club Credits for up to 12 months.

Let's get started
To use your Club Credits, you'll need to log into your account on our website.

If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one to be able to access your Yoto Club membership.

Make sure your website account is set up with the same email address you used to subscribe to Yoto Club.

To use your new Club Credits, you'll need to log into your account on our website.

You can choose your Club cards directly from our website's Card Store.

When you are logged in you'll see a green bar above the cards. This will show you the number of Club Credits you have available (shown in the white circle).

You can choose your Yoto Club Cards directly from our website's Card Store.

Making your card selections
There are 90+ Club Cards to choose from. This will increase each month as new cards are added.

We want to help you find the perfect cards for your family, so we've added a Club card filter: 'Show me YOTO CLUB cards only'. 

All cards included in our Club collection have a little green tent icon on the bottom right of the card. As you browse the Card Store, anywhere you see that icon, you'll know you can get that card for free in exchange for one Club Credit.

When you have Club Credits available and you are choosing cards from the Club collection, you'll see cards display a $0.00 cost.

You can apply this new Club filter on its own, or with any of our existing Card Store filters: 
  • Age Range
  • Card Type
  • New
  • Content Type
  • Language
  • Authors

Add your Club choices to your cart in the usual way. When you have finished shopping, go to the checkout as normal.

In the example below, you can see what checkout looks like when redeeming credits; each of the cards now show with: 'Used 1 of 2 Yoto Club Credits' and with a $0.00 cost.

In checkout when redeeming Club Credits - it will show: Used 1 of 2 Yoto Club Credits
Want more Club cards than you have Club Credits available? 
No problem! Just add them to your cart and they will show with their cost minus your 10% membership discount. And don't worry, we will always make sure the most expensive cards are the ones we apply your Club Credits to.

You can also add any other cards, accessories, Players or Minis into the same cart you are using to redeem your Club Credits. It doesn't change how your order will be processed and delivered. 

Delivery of your Club cards (& anything else you have added)
As soon as you have placed your order, it will be processed straight away and delivered like any other order you make on our website. 

You will receive 2 emails when you have made your Club choices:
  • 'Order confirmation' email
  • 'Your order has been shipped' email
We will also email you when you've paid your monthly or annual membership fees. 

New Yoto Club FAQs
Read our FAQs to get all the details on how the new Yoto Club works. 

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