Life’s Little Lessons with Daniel Tiger
Life’s Little Lessons with Daniel Tiger

Life’s Little Lessons with Daniel Tiger

Every day Daniel puts on his red sweater, ties his shoes, and invites us to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe! And with each new day comes a brand new opportunity to learn and grow. Whether it’s trying new foods or meeting new friends, life is full of exciting things to discover. 
However, sometimes little ones can get overwhelmed when new adventures come their way. That’s why Daniel Tiger and friends are here to help! Let’s explore some strategies for dealing with changes that can seem a little scary at first. 
Things may change, and that’s okay. Today we can do things in a different way.
Have you and your child ever had exciting plans for the day ahead, but something unexpected comes up that throws you off course? Maybe someone in your family gets sick or a party gets canceled at the last minute. It can be really hard for kids to adjust to schedule changes, especially when we work so hard to help them develop healthy routines. Talking to them about why their day has changed and helping them see the positive in the situation is a great way to meet your little one where they’re at. While it is understandable for them to be upset, there are always fun and creative ways to make the best of any change of plans! 
See what it is, you might feel better
Does your child ever have trouble sleeping? Don’t fret! Studies show that 2 out of 3 children will have fears at bedtime at some point in their lives. Maybe they’re afraid of being alone in the dark or bad dreams start drifting in as soon as the lights go out. Making them familiar with their new environment, especially if they’re transitioning to a “big kid” bed, can help them feel more comfortable in their room. This can mean spending some one on one time with your child before they float off to sleep or using a nightlight (the Yoto Player can help you with that!) to show that their room is the same in the dark and there’s nothing to fear! 
Close your eyes, snuggle, or take a deep breath. You can do what helps you rest.
Kids are a bundle of energy! And while we love to encourage them to explore through independent play, it’s also important to find time to calm down and rest. Taking naps or having down time during the day is crucial for re-energizing your child for the rest of the adventures their day may bring! If you’re having trouble getting your little one to wind down, listen to Daniel Tiger and have them close their eyes, snuggle up and take a deep breath. 
Can’t get of Daniel Tiger’s little life lessons? Well you’re in luck! Our brand new Yoto Cards, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 5-Minute Stories and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Sleepy Stories, feature a combined 15 stories, perfect for storytime, bedtime, and everywhere in between. 

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