A letter from our founders
A letter from our founders

A letter from our founders

Dear Yoto Community,

Here at Yoto HQ we are constantly in awe of you. Your feedback, advice and constructive criticism helps us every day, and we read everything.

In the last few weeks you’ve bowled us over with your support for Yoto Space and entries to the Audio Maker competition - we love Cat-tastrophe and many of the other submissions.

We’ve always strived to make things better, and sometimes we’re frustrated that we can’t go faster. But we have been working hard in the background on some key improvements.

Today, June 7th, is a big day for Yoto - we’re announcing a major upgrade to our flagship Yoto Player, and we also have some big upgrades and content releases for all Yoto customers on all players.


New Yoto Cards

First up, a preview of some incredible new content releases coming to Yoto this year - just a small selection of what’s coming up: The Chronicles of Narnia, Wings of Fire, Clifford the Big Red Dog, New Ladybird Audio Adventures, and David Walliams.

From Yoto Originals, new modern versions of classic stories such as The Jungle Book, Little Women, Treasure Island, Wizard of Oz, and Brainbots: Dinosaurs and much more.


Yoto OS Upgrades

Yoto OS is the engine that powers the Yoto Player and Yoto Mini and we are constantly trying to improve it for all customers.

A couple of very cool things we’re working on to highlight here:

Shortcuts—this will allow you to change the right-button to play any audio or card including make-your-own cards

Download management—improved ability to control what is saved onto your player for offline playback

We’re also working on improving the performance of the players. We hope to release these new features by the end of the summer.


New Yoto Player (3rd Generation)!

A new Yoto Player has been born. Since we launched the current player back in Feb 2020 we’ve learned so much from you, our community. There have been plenty of things to improve and we’ve worked hard to upgrade almost everything…

Sound—we’ve massively improved the stereo sound with specialist acoustic engineering with incredible bass response - perfect for rocking out to Yoto Radio

Battery—we’ve tripled the battery life, meaning more than 24 hours playback from a single charge

Charging—we now have USB-C charging (like Yoto Mini) and new wireless charging, along with our own wireless dock (sold separately)

Storage—We’ve doubled the audio storage to 32Gb - over 600 hours of audio. We know that lots of Yoto families want to store more and more audio for offline listening, so this helps to do that.

Thermometer—we’ve added a room temperature sensor so you can check whether your child’s room is too hot or cold - and in future, you’ll get alerts if the temperature changes too much

Bluetooth—we’ve added Bluetooth headphone support so you can use Yoto Player as a Bluetooth speaker but also listen via any Bluetooth headphones

WiFi—we’ve improved the WiFi reception so the new Player can work further away from your router

Other improvements—we’ve tweaked the pixel display for sharper pixels and made nightlight lovelier. We’ve also made the front display more robust.



With all these upgrades, the new Yoto Player is more expensive to make, but we’ve tried to keep the pricing reasonable and feel it represents incredible value for money.

US: $119.99

UK: £99.99

EU: €109.99

Check it out on the Yoto website now


Adventure Jacket

The new Player will work with the older Adventure Jacket but we had to move things around a little to accommodate the USB-C charging so there is a new AJ available for the Yoto Player (3rd generation) with a unique new multi-colour variation coming soon!


Bluetooth headphones

To pair with the new Yoto Player or Yoto Mini, we have our own Bluetooth headphones - available on our website now



Yoto Player (3rd Generation) is listed on our website now with limited stock available from next week. Availability will continue to be limited until September so we recommend ordering quickly if you want one soon!


Thanks again for your continued support!

Ben and Filip

Founders of Yoto

Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker for kids

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