10 Cards for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

10 Cards for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Author: Maisie Peppitt, Assistant Producer at Yoto 

The more that we discover about the benefits of practicing mindfulness, the more we come to realize that building on our mental wellbeing must be treated as a life-long education, rather than a passing thought. 

Like most skills, an individual is more likely to master the art of mindful thinking if they are introduced to the concept during their early childhood, and audio is an accessible and immersive way to teach listeners how to practice mindfulness safely and effectively.

Below is a list of cards that we recommend for you to introduce to your child’s library, which will help them to learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation.

Let's Move

Join Kangaroo, Giraffe and Polar Bear for a jam-packed adventure, from hosting a Sports Day to choreographing a Dance Competition! And all while encouraging daily movement and teaching listeners how to focus on being present and enjoying the moment. 

Phew, what a day!

If you enjoy this series, keep your eyes peeled for more calming exercises from the Let’s Move crew coming to the card store very soon. 

Mini Mindfulness - Mindful Moments


Whether your family has a case of the Morning Moans or the Bedtime Blues, these ten short mindfulness exercises are sure to leave children (and adults!) feeling calm, relaxed and focused. 

Created exclusively for Yoto by Louise Gordon, a yoga teacher from Scotland who specializes in Vinyasa and Yin yoga, Louisa is an expert in teaching the principles of yoga, mindfulness, and wellbeing, which makes her the perfect teacher for our listeners too!

Yoga in Nature

If you’re looking to master the art of mindfulness and yoga in more ways than one, why not try this collection of Yoga cards; a gentle introduction to yoga through a journey into nature that helps children to tame their emotions.


10 minutes of yoga and breathing exercises, perfect for little listeners. Climb to the top of a mountain, take a walk by the sea, explore a forest, stroll in the countryside and lounge on a savannah to relax the body and mind.


LifeScore Music: "Dreams of...."

If mindful music is your preference, then look no further than our collection of cards from LifeScore Music. From the ocean to the campfire, our range of six musical cards make up a collection of immersive soundscapes, each containing an hour-long piece of music orchestrated by The Chamber Orchestra of London. 

The soundscapes were then recomposed and enhanced by LifeScore's Cellular Composition™ algorithm and blended with relaxing, high-fidelity field recordings. The result is a soothing musical experience which will have your kids drifting off to a peaceful night's sleep. 

From the moon’s surface to the ocean floor, this music will transport listeners on a mindful journey to a restful tranquillity.

Bedtime Meditations for Kids


Is bedtime a battle in your home? Excited minds and busy days can make it hard for little ones to wind down, and this card of Bedtime Meditations is the perfect solution. Made up of three captivating meditations, each around 18 minutes long, this card will take listeners on a journey through the snow, sea and space until they reach their final destination; a restful sleep.

Filled with gentle music and soft narration from yoga teacher, Christine Kerr, each exercise is designed to teach listeners the building blocks of calming down, providing them with the mental tools they need to settle and soothe themselves after a busy day. 

Mermaids and Fairy Dust


Another sparkling meditative journey from Christine Kerr, this is made up of 16 meditations for children that are designed to help them develop the skills they need to settle themselves and soothe any anxious thoughts.

Divided into four themes: Creative Meditations, Floating Meditations, Soothing Meditations, and Peaceful Meditations, everyone can find the technique that is right for them on this magical journey of mindfulness. 

The Forest of Sleep


Do you know a sleepy child? So do we! Meet Sam, who will transform bedtime for you and any listeners at home. Forest of Sleep is a deeply relaxing bedtime meditation for kids, and uses techniques such as sleepy words, soft sounds and gentle narration to help your child drift off to bed. 

We all need a helping hand sometimes, and Sam will quickly become a fond and familiar friend when bedtime comes around. 

Magical Bedtime Meditation


The science of sleep is a fascinating thing; at least, Nicola Haslett and Samantha Redgrave-Hogg sure think so! That’s why they put their expertise in hypnotherapy into this beautiful meditation, specially designed to relax restless bodies and calm busy minds. 

Composed from soothing, angelic music and narrated by children’s author, Katie Flaxman, this card will improve bedtime for children and adults alike.  

Enchanted Meditations for Kids


Jump aboard a jellyfish or a magic dolphin ride, or soar to the end of the rainbow aboard a beautiful butterfly. From enchanted gardens to hot air balloons, this card will paint exquisite scenes that will soothe and delight listeners at any time of day. 

Designed to boost self-esteem, confidence, and creativity, this series of eight meditations from Christine Kurr provide a safe and secure place for children to explore their minds and relax their bodies whenever they need a moment of tranquillity.  

Mindfulness for Children


It’s not just the body that needs exercise, the mind needs it too! And no one knows that better than child psychologist and mindfulness expert, Sheridan Smith. Which is why she has created this special audiobook of 20 interactive exercises, perfect for teaching 5-7 year olds the basics of practicing mindfulness. 

Filled with soothing sound effects, breathing techniques and visualization games designed to calm and focus distracted minds, this card is the perfect way to sharpen a child’s focus and prepare for the day in a peaceful and safe environment.

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