My First Tchaikovsky Album

My First Tchaikovsky Album


Yoto SaysA special selection of melodies to introduce young ears to one of the great names in the classical canon.

Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky: a great Russian name for a great Russian composer! Tchaikovsky was not always a happy man. He didn’t laugh a lot. But he wrote music that is full of good melodies. He often felt sad, but sometimes this made him write music that was even more special. This CD is all about Tchaikovsky. Imagine the ballet dancers twirling around to his tunes: you can twirl around too, if you like!

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich

  1. Overture 00:03:24
  2. Act II Tableau 3: Dance of the Sugar - Plum Fairy 00:01:47
  3. Act II Tableau 3: Dance of the Toy Flutes 00:02:23
  4. Serenade in C Major, Op. 48: II. Walzer 00:03:53
  5. 6 Romances, Op. 16: No. 4. O Sing that Song (arr. for piano) 00:03:00
  6. 6 Morceaux, Op. 19: No. 4. Nocturne (version for cello and strings) 00:04:48
  7. Piano Concerto No. 1 in B - Flat Minor, Op. 23: I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso - Allegro con spirito (opening) 00:03:13
  8. Eugene Onegin, Op. 24, Act II: Waltz 00:06:21
  9. IV. April: Snowdrop 00:02:24
  10. V. May: May Nights 00:03:51
  11. Cherevichki, Act III: Danse des Cosaques 00:03:21
  12. Nathalie - valse 00:01:10

4 Movements for String Quartet (excerpts)

  1. I. Allegretto (E Major) 00:01:08
  2. II. Allegro vivace (B - Flat Major) 00:01:37

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Nagy, Péter, arranger

  1. 6 Romances, Op. 6: No. 6. None But the Lonely Heart (arr. P. Nagy for piano) 00:03:26

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Swan Lake, Op. 20 (excerpts)

  1. Act I The terrace in front of the palace of Prince Siegfried: No. 8. Dance of the goblets: Tempo di polacca 00:03:57
  2. Act III In the Castle of Prince Siegfried: A Ball at the Castle: No. 21. Spanish Dance: Allegro non troppo (Tempo di bolero) 00:02:09
  3. 6 Morceaux, Op. 51: No. 4. Natha - valse 00:03:10
  4. Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64: III. Valse: Allegro moderato 00:05:38

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Breiner, Peter, arranger
12 Morceaux, Op. 40 (arr. P. Breiner for violin and orchestra) (excerpts)

  1. No. 2. Chanson triste 00:03:24
  2. No. 10. Danse russe 00:02:31

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66 (excerpts)

  1. Act II The Vision: Panorama (Andantino: The Awakening) 00:02:42
  2. Act I The Spell: Valse (Allegro: Tempo di valse) 00:04:34
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