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A Yoto Mini, an Adventure Jacket and Wireless Headphones...let your next audio adventure begin!

Inspiring audio for life’s greatest adventure

Childhood is an incredible adventure - no two the same. That’s because every kid is as unique as the journey they’re on. And when you give them the freedom to explore who they are, the possibilities are endless.

Their imagination is the limit.

Yoto Player

New, 3rd Generation

Yoto Player (3rd Generation) opens up kids’ creative play to a whole new world of potential. Build independence, inspire imagination and let kids lead the way through family life.

No microphone. No camera. No ads.

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Yoto Mini

For listening on the move

The perfect audio companion for car rides, flights and family adventures. Yoto Mini puts a world of audio in kids’ hands, inspiring creativity and imagination on the go.

No microphone. No camera. No ads.

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Explore hundreds of titles for all ages and stages.

Make your own cards from (almost) anything

Get the grandparents to record a bedtime story, make a mixtape or capture your own singalongs and share them with friends and family.

You can even share your creations with others in the Yoto community on Yoto Space.

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